Course Title Network Coding (網路編碼)

InstructorYunghsiang S. Han (韓永祥)

Course goalTo teach students the fundamental knowledge about network coding theory.

Final gradeFinal report and presentation 90% attendance rate 10

The following are the textbook and recommended reference:

Textbook: Information Theory and Network Coding, R. W. Yeung, Springer, 2010

Reference: Network Coding Theory, R. W. Yeung, S-Y. R. Li, N. Cai and Z. Zhang, n.o.w. Publishers, 2006




Final grades of students for this course are based on their performances in final report and presentation. Students will be asked to attend every lecture in order to learn the topics of coding theory.


Course outline

1.       The Science of Information

2.       Information Measures

3.       Introduction to Network Coding

4.       The Max-Flow Bound

5.       Single-Source Linear Network Coding

6.       Network Coding on Distributed System