Course Title: Communication Systems (通信系統)

Instructor: Yunghsiang S. Han (韓永祥)

Course goal: To teach students the fundamental knowledge about communication systems.

Final grade: quiz 60%final exam 30% attendance rate 10


A set of lecture notes will be provided on blackboard. You may obtain the newest version of the lecture notes from blackboard. Students will be asked to attend every lecture in order to learn the material.

Quiz will be given on 3/27 and 5/22.


Textbook: Communications Engineering: Essential for Computer Scientists and Electrical Engineers, R. C. T. Lee, M.-C. Chiu, and J.-S. Lin, Wiley, 2007


Course outline:

1.     Overview

2.     Signal Space Representation

3.     Fourier Representations of Signals

4.     Analog Modulation Techniques

5.     Digital Modulations Techniques

6.     Multiple-access Communications

7.     Spread-spectrum Communications


Office Hours: 10:20-12:20 Wednesday